Teachings of Dolores Rose


It has been twelve years since I met Dolores Rose. Her life is very similar to many women that have suffered any form of abuse. As she struggled to share her story because of the fear, guilt, and shame due to her own choices, I was witness to a courageous, and beautiful soul.

We as women, and even men that have experienced the toxic choices of alcoholism because we desire a way to numb the pain, fill with a deep inner sorrow. The grief that fills our hearts for what was not and what will never be, we personally suffer deep within the recesses of our essence. As a child inflicted with abuse from an adult the damage is unbelievable. Dolores is a survivor and has taught me the benefit and bravery in sharing our stories.

No one has the right to take away the freedom of an innocent child! No one has the right to abuse in any manner the joy of a beautiful child! No one has the right to erase the childhood of a little girl! Dolores has healed because she found her voice and spoke out to share her story proudly after many years of conflicting beliefs. I am blessed to know Dolores and honored to call her a friend.

In reading her story and hearing the painful words from her lips, I discovered the inner workings of change that were evident while reading I HAVE A VOICE. Amazingly, Dolores Rose has captured the anger and released it by the end of this memoir. In her own words; “There is the rage. There is the anger. There is the hurt. There is the other side of the story. There is compassion. There is forgiveness. There is gratitude. There is healing. There is transformation. There is freedom.”

Dolores Rose is a creative soul, a writer, and a motivator as well as an evolving spiritual person. She is a good listener. People find it easy to confide their stories to her. Her path to spiritual growth was not an easy one. She struggled with abuse, addictions, and destructive behavior.


Dolores Rose was thirty-three years old before she hit bottom and realized she needed help. After years using drugs and alcohol to escape the pain of her childhood abuse and dysfunctional relationships, she joined Alcoholics Anonymous and took the first step toward turning her life around.

Now after thirty-three years of sobriety, Dolores tells her story in the hopes of inspiring anyone else who is still languishing in the horror from which she emerged. Dolores writes of her traumatizing young life with unflinching honesty, describing and confronting her abusers – and modeling the sort of inner strength and power necessary to move beyond the past into a life of peace, health, and empowerment.

A must-read for anyone who struggles with addiction or carries the secret pain of abuse, I HAVE A VOICE shows that it’s possible to rise above the darkest of times and find true tranquility, happiness, and freedom.

A survivor above all else, Dolores got the help she needed to change her life. Her vibrant sense of humor helped her through rough times. Her heart’s desire is to help other people through sharing her experience, strength, and hope. I HAVE A VOICE is available by her author name, Dolores Rose at www.Amazon.com

Pray. Meditate. Journal.


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The Teachings of Clarissa Pinkola Estes

IMG_6959I fell in love with Clarissa Pinkola Estes many years ago. I sat down and read Women Who Run With the Wolves in exactly one month for the second time in January of 2013. It was after I had just read her book,  Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Love for the Wild Soul: Untie The Strong Woman, in October 2012 in less than a month.

There was a period of searching for my truth when I discovered her teachings on audio after reading Women Who Run With the Wolves the first time. I began to seek answers to why I felt the way I did in life. I started with Warming the Stone Child: Myths & Stories about Abandonment and the Unmothered Child and continued on with her teachings through Sounds True. I believe today that she had a profound influence on my inner self that helped me to heal. In the dark winter months of living in New York, many afternoons, I found comfort listening to her recordings while I nurtured my soul.

In reading, Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Love for the Wild Soul: Untie the Strong Woman, I felt deeply connected to her insight. I have always felt extremely close to the Blessed Mother because I was raised a Catholic. While my children were growing up, I handed them over to the eyes of the Blessed Mother in prayer. My oldest daughter was sixteen when I prayed: Dear Blessed Mother, as you are the Mother of All Mothers, I ask you to watch over my children as they travel far from home and protect them with your love and light. That was over 23 years ago, and I continue to do so now with my grandchildren and thank her for keeping them safe, especially my youngest daughter who travels all over the world.

I hope you enjoy the teachings of Clarissa Pinkola Estes as I have and find the time to look within and see what kind of nourishment your soul is desiring. Books are the greatest of foods to consume.


WOMEN WHO RUN WITH THE WOLVES: MYTHS AND STORIES OF THE WILD WOMAN ARCHETYPE “Within every woman, there lives a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing. She is the Wild Woman, who represents the instinctual nature of women. But she is an endangered species. Though the gifts of wildish nature come to us at birth, society’s attempt to civilize’ us into rigid roles has plundered this treasure and muffled deep, life-giving messages of our own souls. Without Wild Woman, we become over-domesticated, fearful, uncreative, trapped.”
In Women Who Run With the Wolves, Dr. Estes has created a new lexicon for describing the female psyche. Fertile and lifegiving, it is a psychology of women in the truest sense, a knowing of the soul.


BLESSED MOTHER’S IMMACULATE LOVE FOR THE WILD SOUL: UNTIE THE STRONG WOMAN “Have you forgotten” I AM Your Mother. You are Under My Protection.” “There is a promise Holy Mother makes to us,” proclaims Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, “that any soul needing comfort, vision, guidance, or strength can cry out to her, flee to her protection, and Blessed Mother will immediately arrive with veils flying. She will place us under her mantle for refuge and give us the warmth of her most compassionate touch, and strong guidance about how to go by the soul’s lights.” Untie the Strong Woman is Dr. Estes invitation to come together under the shelter of The Mother – whether she appears to us as the Madonna, Our Lady of Guadalupe, or any one of her countless incarnations. In this unforgettable collection of stories, prayers, and blessing, Dr. Estes shares:
– “The Drunkard and the Lady” – a story of unexpected miracles that arise from the mud and soil
– “Guadalupe is a Girl Gand Leader in Heaven” – a poem of resistance and hope
– “No one Too Bad, Too Mean or Too Hopeless” – the fierce Mother that never gives up on us
– “The Shirt of Arrows” – a love that is invincible no matter how many times we are wounded
‘ “The Black Madonna” – she stands at the juncture between two worlds and protects us as we enter the dark places.

With Untie the Strong Woman, Dr. Estes invites you to encounter the force of Immaculate Love – “So that your memory of Her is renewed, or that the knowledge of her miraculous, fierce, enduring ways is drawn into your heart for the very first time.”


THE GIFT OF STORY: A WISE TALE ABOUT WHAT IS ENOUGH In this enchanting book, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes shares several small stories that, like Matriochka dolls, fit inside one another. Taken together, they are a moving testament to the enduring legacy of stories and to the triumph of love over loss. Dr. Estes masterfully blends the bitter and the sweet, the dark and the light, despair, and hope, into a wonderful gift that illuminates and strengthens, a gift that will be cherished by all who receive it.



These elegantly interlocked tales of loss, survival, and fierce rebirth center around Dr. Estes’s uncle, a war-ravaged Hungarian peasant farmer and refugee, a faithful gardener, and a storehouse of stories who was one of the “dancing fools, wise old crows, grumpy sages, and ‘almost saints’ who made up the old people in Este’s childhood.

Told with graceful simplicity, deep feeling, generous humor, and profound optimism, The Faithful Gardener is, at its captivating core, the story of an open-hearted child who listened well to her old-country elders and who grew up to remember, to bear witness, and as one of the premier storytellers of our times, to remind readers and listeners of all ages of “that magisterial life force within all things that strengthens us in times of turmoil or transition, that faithful force which can never die.”


Audible Audiobook
An expanded edition of the classic on creativity by Clarissa Pinkola Estes guides you through the dark labyrinths of the psyche in search of la chispa – the ember that is the elemental source of all creative work. Dr. Estes teaches about the hidden aspects of creativity, including the negative complexes that prey upon creative energy. The Creative Fire includes many special insights for people who create for a living: artists, writers, teachers, and others who must depend on their creative instincts every day.


Audible Audiobook
BEDTIME STORIES: A UNIQUE GUIDED RELAXATION PROGRAM FOR FALLING ASLEEP AND ENTERING THE WORLD OF DREAMS As a child growing up in a family of cantadoras (keepers of the old stories) Clarissa Pinkola Estes learned first hand how a story be told at bedtime can soothe away the troubles of the day and prepare the way for another night’s dreams to follow. Now a beloved cantadora herself, Estes shares this treasured family tradition with you on Bedtime Stories, her own special collection of tales to relax and ease you to sleep.


Audible Audiobook
MOTHER NIGHT: MYTHS, STORIES, AND TEACHINGS FOR LEARNING TO SEE IN THE DARK Where is the memory of who we really are, who sent us here, and what our work is here? And why so often are we feeling unusual, so different, so eccentric, so belonging to a tribe of one? Dr. CLarissa Pinkola Estes, published in 34 languages and one of the most far-reaching artist-psychoanalysts of our time, teaches that in archetypal imagination, “Mother Night is the quintessential medial woman, the woman who can walk in two worlds … ‘the one who knows’ and who can reveal solid ways of living and unleashing creative life in both worlds.


Audible Audiobook
SEEING IN THE DARK; MYTHS AND STORIES TO RECLAIM THE BURIED, KNOWING WOMAN Buried within all of us is what Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes refers to as the “one who knows” – our instinctive, intuitive nature. This, she teaches, is the source of creativity and understanding that lies out of sight in the darkness, often called the unconscious.
In Seeing in the Dark, listeners join the esteemed Jungian psychoanalyst and best-selling author to learn how to perceive “through the eyes of the soul as well as through the eyes of the ego.” This dual way of seeing, being and acting, Dr. Estes explains, is the most direct way to reclaim the gifts and the “healing apothecary” set into each soul at birth.


Audible Audiobook
JOYOUS BODY: MYTHS AND STORIES OF THE WISE WOMAN ARCHETYPE “Each one of us is a triumvirate being – at once the union of the body, soul and all that lies within.” For any that experience disharmony amongst these three vital aspects, Dr. Clarissa Estes reveals a path back to wholeness. Join her with the Joyous Body for the third volume of her masterwork on the Wise Woman archetype. This empowering six-session program shares original and old stories, poems, and psychological commentary on the challenges, remedies and ancient knowledge of the female body, “that which is not a dumb servant but a divine-human traveler and consort.”


Audible Audiobook
Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes presents Volume Five of the Dangerous Old Woman Series
What makes an elder, a heartfelt spirit, a clear mind, a talented heart, one who is young while old and old while young, an activist for the Soul? Is it formulae, schemas, lexicons? It could be. But also, and often more so, I think it is very like the flowering of the trees in the forest, as we gather more years; we struggle, and stride onward in our better learned ways to give out even more seeds for new life, and to blossom wildly in so doing for self and others … The old ones are yet traveling underground and overland toward us as we meet one more time.

How To Be An Elder presents the culmination of Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes masterwork, inviting us to “come into our own as wiser and wild souls” through six sessions of teachings, stories, poetry, and blessings. In this fifth and final volume of Dr. Estes’ landmark series, we will explore how it is that through the gathering of our years we become a beautiful refuge for ourselves, our Souls and for those who come after us.
“Did I mention, dear brave souls,” reminds Dr. Estes, “that you came with all the seedlings needed to do your work, to take your venerable places in life? Now is the just-right time, like Sleeping Beauty, to break the enchantment, to truly awaken and awaken others, as either a rookie Dangerous Old Woman, or a mid-career Dangerous Old Woman, or as Crone with Crown complete!”


Audible Audiobook
The Late Bloomer is the fourth volume of the Dangerous Old Woman Series with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes. “What makes talent bloom?” Ask what makes a tree blossom. They are the same. It is not unfathomable. It only takes concentration. A concentration of energies is what makes a tree flower. Not bigger, not faster, not taking up more space. Rather, less space. Density. The pressure in hard places. Often, in the dark. Relentlessly. Freely. For as long as it takes. Hold faith; a gestation can go long and for a good reason, and nothing much shows above ground. But then, one day…” -Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D.

Are you waiting for New Life, for your talents to bloom? With The Late Bloomer, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes presents volume four of her masterwork on the Wise Woman archetype, bringing six lessons of original tales, stories from her ethnic families, poems, blessing and psychological commentary exploring the cycles of “burgeoning, blooming New Life.”


Audible Audiobook                                                                                                                            HOW TO LOVE A WOMAN: ON INTIMACY AND THE EROTIC LIVES OF WOMEN  For all men and women who thirst to love and be loved by a woman, these words and stories of guidance from Clarissa Pinkola Estes are aqua vitae, the water of life for the soul. Dr. Este’s teaches that in love relationships, each partner challenges nourishes, and transforms the other. To achieve this lifelong love requires an understanding of the mysterious internal cycles that fuel relationships. Through irresistible storytelling, How To Love A Women shows how every relationship fades and expires, only to be reborn in a fresh and strengthened form.


Audible Audiobook                                                                                                            WARMING THE STONE CHILD: MYTHS AND STORIES ABOUT ABANDONMENT AND THE UNMOTHERED CHILD. The pain of abandonment, both real and metaphorical, can cast a shadow over our entire adult experience. Warming the Stone Child investigates the abandoned child archetype in world myths and cultures to find clues about the process of healing the “unmothered” child within us all. Spiced with Dr. Estes’ wonderful storytelling, Warming The Stone Child is a unique listening experience with a practical edge.

Meditate. Pray. Journal.


All of the above are available @ www.Amazon.com


The Teachings of Robert Schwartz


There are so many questions that fill my mind daily. Here are a few that I would like to share with you, my reader. Hopefully, you have had similar questions of your own. Maybe a thought here or there that life is not as it seems to be.

  • What are your beliefs about connecting to the Spirit world? As in Angels, Spirit Guides, Elemental Beings, Ascended Masters and Totem animals?
  • Do you believe in psychics?
  • Do you seek to know information from tarot card readers?
  • Do you wonder about life?
  • Have you ever felt that something happened as a sign for you?
  • Did you ever believe in some form you were never alone?
  • What are your beliefs around dying?
  • Do you believe as a soul you are an eternal spiritual being living a human experience?

I believe that everything happens for a reason, that there are no mistakes, that we pick our parents and the situations and challenges in life to learn from them. That we come here to heal past Karma. I believe that there is a vast unified field that we all can connect to. As an avid crazy reader of all different kinds of books that I believe Spirit sends to me, the following is a true story.

The day was October 10, 2016, when I received the book by Robert Schwart Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born. My husband had placed it on the kitchen table where I sit. With tears streaming down my face, I picked up the book and asked him, “Where did this come from?” He told me, “the guy who owns the bookstore by my office gave it to my foreman, to give to me, to give to you today.”

Sadly, this was the moment precisely at 8PM that I had learned that a boy I adored and loved since the moment of his birth had decided to commit suicide at 39 years of age. As I held the book in my hands and started to read the back cover, I knew this was a message from Spirit. This day. This hour. This sorrow. This pain. How could it not be that Spirit sent me this book? What did I do? I began to read this book and then I purchased the second book.


Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born by Robert Schwartz states the following. So often, when something”BAD” happens, it may appear to be meaningless suffering. But what if your most difficult experiences are actually rich with hidden purpose – a purpose that you yourself planned before you were born? Could it be that you chose your life’s circumstances, relationships, and events? Within these pages are stories of ten individuals who – like you – planned before birth to experience great challenges. Working with four gifted mediums and channels, author Robert Schwartz discovers what they chose – and why.

Through these remarkable stories of pre-birth planning, you can:

  • Learn why each of us decides to experience such challenges as illness, difficult relationships, the death of a loved one, and accidents.
  • Understand how  you as a soul create your life blueprint
  • Consciously use your challenges to foster spiritual growth and healing

Sonia Choquette, author of The Answer is Simple … Love Yourself, Live Your Spirit! Writes: “A deeply insightful guide as to why our lives unfold as they do and how to direct them to a deeper place. A powerful book … I highly recommend it.”

John Holland, author of Power of the Soul; Inside Wisdom for an Outside World writes: “One of the most detailed explorations I have seen into understanding why we have chosen our journey as a soul here and now. This book will help thousands of people. A book you have to have in your library.”


The second book by Robert Schwartz, Your Soul’s Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born is a sequel which delves even deeper by exploring the pre-birth planning of spiritual awakening, miscarriage, and abortion, caregiving, abusive relationships, sexuality, incest, adoption, poverty, suicide, rape, and mental illness.

Working with a team of gifted mediums, Schwartz brings forth great love and wisdom from “the other side” to explain why such experiences are planned – and the deep, soul-level healing they can create.

Through the stories in Your Soul’s Gift you can:

  • Develop greater self-love as you become aware of the tremendous courage it takes for you to plan a life on Earth and to live the life you planned
  • Emerge from victim consciousness to know yourself as the powerful creator of your life
  • Forgive those who have hurt you and create a lasting inner peace
  • Understand the qualities you came into this lifetime to cultivate and express
  • See profound purpose in experiences that once appeared to be meaningless suffering
  • Develop a heartfelt knowing of your infinite worth, beauty, magnificence, and sacredness as an eternal soul

James Van Praagh, the author of Growing Up in Heaven, writes: “This book is an incredible guide map to your soul and the various jewels stored inside it. Read this to reconnect with your TRUE SELF.”

Arielle Ford, the author of The Soulmate Secret, writes: “Robert Schwartz offers deep wisdom into the nature of our soul and the purpose of our lives. He explains life and karma with clarity and elegance.”

Raymond Moody, MD, Ph.D., author of Life After Life writes: “I was deeply impressed by Your Soul’s Gift. This is a fine discussion of one of the great mysteries of existence. To what degree do we plan our lives before we are born? Robert Schwartz offers a profound spiritual analysis of some of life’s most difficult crises and turning points. This book is well worth reading for its novel and surprising insights into the difficulties most of us face in life.”

Robert Schwartz is a certified hypnotherapist who offers Spiritual Guidance Sessions and Past Life Soul Regressions, and Between Lives Soul Regressions to help people understand their life plan. For more information, please visit www.yoursoulsplan.com




The Teachings of Fiona Murray


In October 2017 I journeyed into the world of Faeries. I took a Faery Allies Telesummit held by Kim Wilborn (www.guardiangateway.com)and fell in love with the magical, mystical world of the unseen world. There were many different writers working with the elemental realm or as they say, the unseen that spoke at this Summit. I will admit I have read their books and will share those authors in the future.

I am fascinated by life period! So why not travel to another realm where one can learn how to communicate with Faeries. The highest truth I took away from this Faery Summit held by Kim Wilborn was a belief that Mother Earth is alive as well as the trees, plants, birds, and rocks. That channeling is a pure form of communication. Paying attention to the elements is not just the elemental realm but also; the elementals in our lives. Earth, Water, Fire, and Air which are with us daily to help us achieve a balanced way of living. Honor them all!

beach dawn dusk ocean
Photo by Sebastian Voortman on Pexels.com

At this time on our planet, we all can use a little magic in our lives. Why not travel to the elemental realm and learn how you can help our dear ‘Mother.’ Many of us pray and many of us do not but to acquire deep respect and love for Mother Earth and all that inhabit her is mind-blowing to the extent that your soul will be nourished by offering respect, love, and awareness to our ‘Mother.’ To do so is a form of pray!

In reading most of the books from the presenters in the Summit, I have great respect for the powers that we all possess when we connect to our Spirit and learn to become aware. To pay attention to the lives, we are living as well as our thoughts, words, and actions. We are not alone! The interesting lesson I learned from reading about Faeries is that they are outside in Mother Nature. It is fascinating when you sit in silence in Mother Nature and just listen. Place your hands around a tree and feel the energy of the tree and listen to what the tree has to say to you. Try it!

I am clueless as to why the author Fiona Murray goes now by the name Alphedia Arara Kenchington, but I have to admit she is a fantastic teacher to check out. I have personally taken a few of her workshops and feel deep respect for the work that she is performing to help humanity raise their vibration.

You can go to www.elementalbeings.co.uk to look into all that she offers at this time, and there are downloads as well, plus you can purchase her book ‘Messages From Nature’s Guardians.’ You may have no clue as to what Spirit has in store for you today? Or what elemental you may connect to; unicorn, dragon, crystal skull, faery, trees but why not step into the world of elementals and experience magic.

bright day environment field
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


In reading the book, Messages From Nature’s Guardians by Fiona Murray I opened a door into how protected we are by elementals. This much anticipated first book from popular Scottish born Elemental expert, Fiona Murray is both an enchanting and educational journey into a world of natural wonder. It is a book about communication between the Elemental, Angelic and Human realms, providing a unique insight into our current environmental dilemma.

The reader is led along Fiona’s spiritual path; discovering the existence of the Nature Guardians with the help of Goddesses and Ascended Masters. We travel through Fiona’s remarkable homeland, that is magical Scotland, meeting the different guardians, learning how to connect with them, where they dwell and how (no matter where you are in the world) you can access their ancient healing powers and wisdom to help you in your life.

This is an often humorous but always thought-provoking tale of our impact on our earth, about our duty as part of a great web of stewardship to protect and nurture the planet. With a  healthy mix of scientific fact and etherical teachings from a diverse group of beings; including Faeries, Pixies, Gnomes, Mermen, Unicorns, and Goharts (to name but a few) this book unveils a refreshing take on the workings of Gaia.

With beautiful illustrations and photography, it captures our youthful and playful imagination and leads us to consider another way of communicating with the earth and her custodians – the Elementals. ‘Messages From Nature’s Guardians’ is a must-read for anyone who feels connected to something magical and those who are passionate about the well-being of our shared planet.

Meditate. Pray. Journal.


The Teachings​ of David Wolfe​



Here I am again with another teacher that has enlightened me and changed my life through books. As an avid reader who loves to share information through the written word, I am delighted to bring to your attention author David Wolfe.

However, David Wolfe is more than an author, he is a spiritual teacher, a human being who wants to help us to change, grow, expand and live healthy long lives.  He offers his lifetime of scientific study, systems, and strategies at the www.BodyMindInsitute.com. You can also get certified with Insurance Coverage in 26 Countries Through the International Institute For Complementary Therapists if you are interested in learning about wholistic nutrition and longevity strategies that are taught at The Body  Mind Institute with David Wolfe and his amazing team of teachers. Check him out at www.DavidWolfe.com and at www.Sacred Chocolate.com


The Sunfood Diet Success System
The Sunfood Diet Success System is a groundbreaking book in the field of raw-food nutrition. The book describes exactly how to adapt, maintain, and stay centered in an 80, 90, or 100% raw-food diet by balancing different types of foods through David Wolfe’s innovative Sunfood Triangle. Success is inevitable with day-by-day menu plans, delicious recipes and the best information available on detoxification, fasting, mineralization and success technology all neatly bundled into one book.

Each chapter is filled with inspiring quotes, facts, and tips. The Sunfood Diet Success System also includes a comprehensive listing of raw-food restaurants, healing retreats, and organizations. Be prepared for nothing less than total transformation.



Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future
Superfoods are vibrant, nutritionally dense foods that have recently become widely available and which offers tremendous dietary and healing potential. In this lively, illustrated overview, well-known raw-foods guru David Wolfe profiles delicious and incredibly nutritious products such as goji berries, hempseed, cacao beans (raw chocolate), maca, Spirulina, bee products and a host of others.

As powerful sources of clean protein, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, good fats and oils, essential fatty and amino acids, and other nutrients, they represent a uniquely promising piece of the nutritional puzzle.

Each superfood is described in detail, accompanied by easy and delicious recipes. This accessible guide presents persuasive arguments based on sound science, for the pivotal role of superfoods in promoting nutritional excellence, health and well-being, beauty enhancement, sustainable agriculture and the transformation of diet, lifestyle, and the planet.

20AB0192-BD92-4128-BA3F-76E571757397Longevity Now: A Comprehensive Approach to Healthy Hormones, Detoxification, Super Immunity, Reversing Calcification, and Total Rejuvenation
Lose weight, boost your immunity cleanse your blood and organs, and live longer and happier with this comprehensive five-part approach.

In Longevity Now, Wolfe exposes the number-one cause of all degenerative illness and aging: classification. Caused by an excess of calcium and the presence of nanobacteria, calcification can be found in some degree in virtually every adult and even some children It leads to a plethora of illnesses and manifests as achy joints, hardened arteries, cellulite, cysts, kidney stones, gallstones, dental plague, cataracts, and bone spurs, among many other health problems.

By breaking down calcification and removing parasites, heavy metals and other “unwanted guests” from your system, you can reverse the aging process and eliminate the prospect of degenerative disease from your future.
Part 1 focuses on supplements to dissolve the buildup of calcium in your system, leading to freer movement, a clearer head, and a lighter step.
Part 2 focuses on boosting your immunity, using a variety of supplements to make your body as resilient as possible.
Part 3 focuses on rejuvenating each and every cell of your body with nutrient-packed supplements and superfoods.
Part 4 focuses on using special electromagnetic grounding technologies to eliminate parasites and reconnect you with the rhythmic cycles of Earth’s energy field.
Part 5 focuses on deep-tissue bodywork and yoga so that you can move blocked energy around and break up stagnation in typically unaccessed parts of the body.
In addition to all this, Wolfe offers abundant additional information to help you more fully live the Longevity Now lifestyle, such as foods to avoid, healthy alternative sweeteners, delicious recipes, and more tips and tricks to keep you on the path of rejuvenation, radiant health, and full-throttle vitality.


The Beauty Diet: Unlock the Five Secrets of Ageless Beauty from the Inside Out
David Wolfe, one of America’s foremost nutrition experts, distills the five factors that lead to exceptional lasting beauty.
Each year, women absorb pounds of toxins through cosmetics and beauty products. These creams, lotions, and cleansers not only work against us – dehydrating our skin, clogging our organs with harmful toxins, and disrupting our hormone balance – they keep us bound to an “idea” of beauty, instead of helping us achieve the natural, radiant version of ourselves we long to set free. True beauty does not come from a product or a procedure; it comes from the inside out.

David Wolfe’s long-awaited, groundbreaking book reveals why a natural, toxin-free lifestyle is not only the best way to achieve lasting beauty, it is the only way. Under Wolfe’s guidance, we learn easy and effective dietary and lifestyle changes like implementing organic superfoods and superherbs and detoxifying the liver, kidneys, lungs, and colon with special tonics and supplements. Simply put, nature’s most powerful foods are the beauty solution we have been waiting for.

The strategies you’ll find in The Beauty Diet are safe, effective, and most importantly, natural ways to slow the aging process, enjoy glowing skin and shining hair, with the information you can use to look and feel better instantly and long-term.

Featuring simple, delicious recipes, beauty has never tasted so good, a three-day beauty cleanse, a one week jumpstart, and smart tips for using clay, charcoal, supplements and more. The Beauty Diet is the ultimate resource and the healthiest, most accessible path to beauty from the inside out.


Chaga: King of the Medicinal Mushrooms
Mushrooms have long been associated with nearby enchanted, magical realms. Adding the super-mushroom chaga to your diet makes it easier to feel the enchantment of living – activating your imagination while immediately delivering forces and compounds that aid, nourish, and heal.

Discover why chaga is the single most powerful healing herb in the world, and learn about its remarkable ability to:
– Fight cancer and detoxify radioactive and chemotherapeutic agents
– Create super immunity against viruses while fighting allergies and asthma
– Balance blood-sugar levels, reduce systemative inflammation, heal digestive ailments such as candida, and help the liver purify itself.
– Nourish the hair, skin, and eyes
– Help you achieve vibrant health and radiant beauty

In addition to learning how to obtain wild chaga and the highest-quality chaga products, you’ll get delicious recipes, concoctions, and extraction strategies to help you use chaga consistently as an alkaline food-medicine.

Chaga helps make every day The Best Day Ever!


Naked Chocolate with David Wolfe & Shazzie
Yes, chocolate is good for you – in fact, it’s the best food ever!
Chocolate grows on trees… all chocolate comes from cacao beans – the seeds of the cacao fruit – which grows on a jungle tree. Cacao beans taste like dark chocolate – because they are dark chocolate!

David Wolfe and Shazzie introduce the phenomenal, enlightening power of cacao beans engulfed in the magic of chocolate! And they show us how to use extraordinary chocolate recipes to achieve higher and higher states of pure joy!

Naked chocolate contains over 60 original and mouth-watering chocolate recipes.

Learn and experience how the food of the gods allows you to:
– Eat more and lose weight
– Heal and soothe your heart
– Increase your sensuality, love life and beauty
– Double your joy
– Nourish your intellect
– Attract prosperity into your life
– Experience the world’s most wonderful aphrodisiacs
– Create the most outrageous beverages, desserts, cakes, ice creams, and other fantastic tasty delights.


Eating for Beauty
In Eating for Beauty, author David Wolfe, one of America’s foremost nutrition experts, describes how to cleanse, nourish and beautify by utilizing the benefits of a fresh-food diet. The lessons contained in this book can be applied to improve one’s appearance, vitality, and health. This book is about how to become more beautiful, not just how to maintain beauty or even slow the aging process. It is about rejuvenation at the deepest level and the enjoyment of life.

This book contains the key to creating beauty within oneself through diet and other complementary factors. Though it explores the role of yoga, beauty sleep, and the psychology of beauty, this book is primarily about the way to eat for beauty. The Beauty Diet is based on principles of raw nourishment – representing the cutting edge nutritional science.

With scientific explanations of the human body’s chemical reactions to various elements of nutrition, physical, and sleep, this book provides a guide for how to reach your potential for beauty. More than 30 gourmet “beauty recipes” and in-depth descriptions of beneficial foods help to steer beauty-seekers down the path of aesthetic enlightenment. The magical, beautifying secrets held within this book will help the human race reclaim one of its most divine attributes; beauty, inside and out.

Amazing Grace: The Nine Principles of Living in Natural Magic
It’s official; embraced by everyone from stars like Uma Thurman and Woody Harrelson to average people who are seeking the best health possible, raw food and the live food lifestyle is “in.” But making the transition can be a challenge. That’s where Amazing Grace comes in.

Written by raw-foods authority David Wolfe with life coach Nick Good, this combination of personal story and motivational guide offers a wealth of ways to improve life, health, and spirit by adopting this nurturing, intuitive lifestyle. Amazing Grace shares Wolfe’s secrets on how to become a superhero and lead a life full of fun, synchronicity, and magic. These secrets are based both on the personal experiences of the authors and the seven principles of Huna, the ancient Hawaiian shamanic tradition. With the addition of Grace and Forgiveness, they comprise powerful principles for success.

Equally useful whether reading cover to cover, sampling for nuggets and guidance, Amazing Grace shows readers how to experience a new yet basic paradigm of possibility in an increasingly complex and confusing world.

Meditate. Pray. Journal.


To purchase any books you are interested in go to www.Amazon.com

THE ART OF PAPER & PEN = An eBook from Crystalskulls.com

 Life has taken me on a journey of discovery that fills my mind with a new avenue of books to read. Recently, I have journeyed into a world that can only be described as that which is not seen, that which is powerful, that which can help all heal.
This eBook is filled with information and guidance for anyone who is looking to connect to that which can only be known as the unknown. I personally find  fun in this new ability to connect with crystal skulls. I hope that those who read this blog are intrigued enough to check this eBook out and read all that it offers as an alternative to life.
The most important ideas I have incorporated into my life experience is that nothing is as it seems, that there is a reason for everything, and anything is possible. May you look into other aspects of life that surrounds our daily lives …
Pray. Meditate. Journal.




The Top 10 Things You Need To Know About Crystal Skulls


Table of Contents



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1) Why carve crystals in the form of a skull?

Crystals, especially quartz crystals, can receive, store and transmit energy and information – as crystal radio sets can attest to. Some believe that ancient cultures used crystal skulls as a form of computer, recording and storing ancient wisdom and knowledge to be passed down for generations. Rather than storing this information in a regular crystal that could be lost in time, they used a skull carved out of crystal to represent the receptacle of the human mind or consciousness. The skull remains long after the body, so the crystal skull was designed to last for eternity in a form that would be recognized and not discarded. The key with any computer is to know how to turn it on, and how to work with it in order to store and access information contained within it.

Noted Bio-Crystallographer, Frank Dorland, spent 6 years studying and working with the extraordinary Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, having it famously examined at the Hewlett-Packard Laboratory. He wrote in his classic book on crystals, “Holy Ice – Bridge to the Subconscious”:

“Most ancient civilizations had great respect for the skull, bordering on worship, because it is the container of the intellect, the personality, the being and the soul of a human being during his or her existence on this physical plane. The skull, or head, is the important portion, and the body is merely a mechanism attached to it to serve its needs. In spite of many movies, television shows, comic books, popular literature and medicine bottles, the skull is a symbol of death only to the uninitiated.”

The famous Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull

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2) Ancient vs. Modern Crystal Skulls – Who made them, and what is their purpose?

There is a lot of mystery surrounding the ancient crystal skulls, with questions regarding who made them, how they were made, and why. There are those who say that they have cosmic origins, or that they are connected to Atlantis and Lemuria. Crystals cannot be carbon dated, so there is no way to date the age of the crystal itself, therefore scientists use electron microscopes to determine what kinds of tools were used to carve them. If there is evidence of primitive carving tools, then the crystal skull is deemed to be ancient.

Quartz is an extremely hard crystal, which is very difficult to carve by hand, so it would have taken years, decades and even generations for the ancients to carve and polish a crystal skull – some say that the shamans would polish the crystal skulls with their hair in order to infuse their wisdom and knowledge into the skull. Some shamans used a crystal skull as a vessel to hold their consciousness at the moment of death, so they could pass their knowing on to their successors.

When examining crystal skulls, if scientists see evidence of tool marks from modern carving tools, such as a jewelers wheel, then these crystal skulls are deemed to have been carved in the modern era, within the last two centuries. Today, there are many modern carvers who carve crystal skulls in a huge variety of stones, mostly in China and Brazil.

The finest crystals and carvings tend to come from Brazil, and we get our highest quality crystal skulls directly from the master Brazilian carvers. When it comes to crystal skulls, quality is very important – a crystal skull is a powerful spiritual tool of consciousness, so the quality of the stone and the quality of the energy make a huge difference. This is why we offer the highest quality crystal skulls available in the world.

Crystals and crystal skulls are amplifiers of thought, energy and intention. They can calm and clear the mind for more profound meditation, and for improved clarity and decision- making. With a crystal skull you can enhance intuition and psychic abilities, facilitate spiritual experiences and guidance, improve grounding and concentration, support the laws of attraction and manifestation, promote peace and calm in any environment, and generally experience whatever you set your mind to.

(PLEASE NOTE: Old and ancient crystal skulls are very rare – beware of fakes. Some people talk about crystal skulls that have no tool marks at all, which are generally modern skulls that come from a mold and are not carved from natural crystal or stones.)

“SHA NA RA”, “MAX”, and “ET” are some of the few crystal skulls examined to be truly ancient

3) Activated crystal skulls, and what makes our crystal skulls different from others?

When crystals come out of the earth, their energy is dormant, like rocks – they need to be activated with intention and interaction in order to have their potential energy awakened. The more you work with a crystal skull, the more it becomes activated and energized.

When carvers create crystal skulls, they say that they usually carve the eyes last, because as soon as the eyes are carved, the crystal skull becomes a being with consciousness – they essentially come alive. Each and every crystal skull, from the smallest to the largest, is completely unique, and has it own personality. This is a phenomenon that does not exist with other crystal carvings, only with the crystal skulls. This is why people feel drawn to name their crystal skulls.

Crystals and crystal skulls absorb and record energies from everything that they experience. They absorb energies from the carver, and from each person who handles them. When we receive new crystal skulls, we clear their energy with sound and light activations, then we energize them on a special table that is inlaid with semi-precious stones. All of our crystal skulls are energized with the Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR, and with the Mayan Blue Jade Skull CANA IXIM – this infuses the crystal skulls with powerful healing energies. These energized crystal skulls are then kept together with AMAR and CANA IXIM in a special Crystal Skull Sanctuary, which is like a perpetual crystal skull gathering where the crystal skulls all activate and energize each other on a constant basis while they await their new guardian. (We handle each and every crystal skull personally, large and small, with tender loving care, recognizing each one as a powerful energetic being of consciousness.)

When we receive an order, each crystal skull is specifically selected intuitively for you, as the crystal skull chooses its guardian – this is true even for the smallest crystal skulls. Your crystal skull is again placed on the large marble table inlaid with semi-precious stones overlooking a mystical lake. AMAR and CANA IXIM are placed in the center of this table to fully energize and optimally activate your crystal skull for you. We often perform special ceremonies and activations with the cycles of the moon, and on other special, sacred and auspicious dates. We set the highest universal intentions that each and every crystal skull will bring love, light, joy, peace, prosperity, protection, wisdom, guidance, healing, inspiration, fulfillment and wellbeing to all whom they encounter. People can feel these powerful energies emanating from our crystal skulls, sometimes right through the box that they arrive in!

Images of The 22-pound life-size Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR energizing crystal skulls:
(left) AMAR with crystal skulls on 5-foot ceremonial inlaid table; (right) AMAR beaming energy into a crystal skull

4) How to connect with your crystal skull

Hold your crystal skull in your hands facing you, and welcome it as your new friend that will support and assist you in many ways. Close your eyes, breathe and relax. Feel the energy of your crystal skull in your heart, and feel that your mind and the crystal skull are one. Breathe in gently and slowly, and allow whatever comes to you, letting go of any pressure or expectations. Some people may see images, some may hear messages, some feel energy or emotions, and some people just feel a sense of peace. You can also gaze into the eyes of your crystal skull to connect with it.

Once you connect with your crystal skull, you may receive a name – be patient and trust. Crystal skulls like to have names, so they can have a friendly relationship with you as a member of your spiritual family. Trust whatever name comes to your mind, even if it seems strange, ordinary or simple. As with all relationships, your connection with your crystal skull will get stronger with time.

Some people like to sleep with crystal skulls near them to receive messages in their dreams – other people find it too intense to sleep with crystal skulls in their room. Some people like to carry crystal skulls with them at all times – we recommend that you keep them protected in a pouch, or benefit from wearing crystal skull jewelry. Some people like to create a special altar space or matrix for their crystal skulls. The key is to always listen to your own guidance and trust what feels right to you.

The power of two minds becoming one: Crystal Skulls amplify human consciousness – the bigger & clearer the better!

5) How to program and work with your crystal skull

The more you work with a crystal skull, the more activated and energized it becomes. However, you do not have to actively work with a crystal skull in order for it to actively work with you. Crystal skulls will resonate the energies of whatever stone they are carved from and will radiate this energy all around them (as long as they are not kept behind glass which stifles their energy). Children and animals, particularly cats, can perceive the energy emitted by crystal skulls, and are often irresistibly attracted to them.

There are many ways to work with crystal skulls. First, you may want to program your crystal skull with a specific intention of what you would like to experience.

Programming your crystal skull:

  1. 1)  Hold your crystal skull in your hands facing you
  2. 2)  Close your eyes, and get a clear sense in your mind of your intention, ideally visualizing it in as much detail as possible until you get a clear picture in your mind (if you are not a visual person, get a clear concept and choose specific words)
  3. 3)  Feel the feelings in your heart and in your body of having that intention manifest in your life right now
  4. 4)  Take a deep breath, and blow your breath into your crystal skull, breathing your intention and the frequency of those feelings into the crystal skull
  5. 5)  Thank the crystal skull for helping you to manifest that reality in your life now

Meditating with your crystal skull:

During meditation, you can hold your crystal skulls in your hands, or lay them on your body, or have them in a circle around you, or on a table in front of you, etc.

RECEIVING – If your intention when you meditate is to receive guidance, wisdom, information or healing, have your crystal skull(s) facing you.

PROJECTING – If your intention when you meditate is to send healing energy to others, or to project energies out to the world, have your crystal skull(s) facing away from you.

ATTRACTING – If you want to set an intention to attract something into your life, or to manifest something you desire, have your crystal skull(s) facing away from you, sending your intention out into the world and out to the Universe.

On our website, we have more tools and techniques for working with your crystal skulls, including guided meditations for healing, and for programming and activating your crystal skulls. We also offer special kits with complete instructions for protection and manifesting with crystal skulls.

Crystal Skull Guided Meditations Crystal Skull Protection Kit

6) What are the benefits to having a crystal skull? Which crystal skull is best for you?

Crystals are key components used in computers, watches and electronics because of their energetic properties. Just as radios can be made from crystals, Crystal Skulls are like a cosmic radio that receives, stores and transmits energy and information. Crystal skulls can help raise your consciousness and attune you to higher frequencies, and are a conduit for you to receive wisdom, guidance and awareness. They amplify and heighten intuitive abilities to gain greater insights and understanding.

Crystal Skulls can help to calm and focus the mind in order to achieve greater levels of concentration, inspiration and creativity, and deeper meditative states. They can bring peace and calm to any environment, and provide protection from negative energies. Crystal Skulls can be healing and uplifting mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically – particularly for children, and those with special needs.

Crystal skulls can help you attract, create and manifest whatever you put your mind to, especially when working with the laws of attraction. Crystal Skulls are like a computer that can be programmed with your intentions, helping you to stay clearly focused on what you want to create, and holding the energetic frequencies to attract the vibration of what you desire, like a magnet.

Tools like the Advisor Crystal Skull Pendulum use proven centuries-old techniques for gaining clear and accurate responses to any question instantly. This powerful tool uses a system called divining or dowsing, which is an external tool for communicating with your higher guidance and intuition in a way that you can clearly see and feel immediately.

Crystal Skulls can also be used as psychic tools for the art of scrying or crystal gazing. The best Crystal Skulls for scrying are clear quartz, or obsidian.

– The best all-purpose crystal skull is clear quartz, which is a master healer. Clear quartz enhances intuition and guidance, amplifies thought and intention, raises vibration and consciousness, and increases energy and vitality.

– The best crystal skulls to heighten psychic abilities and intuition are amethyst, ametrine, clear quartz, charoite, labradorite, rainbow obsidian, and lapis lazuli.

– The best crystal skulls for grounding and protection are black obsidian, hematite, jet, tiger eye, tiger iron, and silver sheen obsidian.

– The best crystal skulls for attracting prosperity and abundance are ametrine, citrine, jet, pyrite, golden obsidian, smoky quartz, tiger eye, and nuummite.

– The best crystal skulls for love are rose quartz, star rose quartz, rhodochrosite, rubellite tourmaline, lepidolite, and garnet (for passion).

– The best crystal skulls for healing are quartz, turquoise, jade, and aventurine.

Click here to see a full list of stones and their properties, along with crystal skull recommendations to assist you with specific emotional issues, physical issues, and spiritual issues.

7) How to care for your crystal skull: cleansing and energizing

Most crystals and crystal skulls can absorb energies, so it is wise to cleanse them from time to time, especially if you have let other people touch them, or if they have been exposed to negative energies, arguments, etc. There are several ways to do this:

Sea Salt – You can cleanse your crystal skulls in a bowl of sea salt, or water with sea salt overnight under a full moon (never use this method for jewelry, or for stones containing metal, such as hematite, pyrite, etc.) Caution: use cold water only, NEVER use hot water!

Breath – You can hold your crystal skull or crystal skull jewelry in your hands, close your eyes, and breathe, blowing your breath into your crystal skull with the intention of clearing any undesirable energies from your crystal skull. You can also program your crystal skull or crystal skull jewelry using this method by holding your intention in your mind, and breathing/blowing that intention into the skull.

Bells – You can cleanse your crystal skull or crystal skull jewelry with sound, particularly with Tibetan bells or Tingshas – this is our preferred method. Ring the bells over the skulls, asking for them to be cleared of any and all unbeneficial or undesirable energies – you can also ring the bells over the crystal skulls as you program them with your intentions to set the frequency of your intention into the crystal skull.

Will cleansing your crystal skull clear away the energies of AMAR and CANA IXIM?

No, the energies of AMAR and CANA IXIM have raised the frequency of your crystal skull, and are essentially woven into the energetic fabric of your crystal skull and crystal skull jewelry. You can only “erase” this energy if you specifically intend to do so.

Energizing and activating your crystal skull

Crystal skulls respond to light and sound, and can be energized and activated in several ways:

A) Moonlight – crystal skulls love the energy of the moon; they are especially energized when bathed in the light of the full moon (however, some crystal skulls do not enjoy the light of the sun – some stones like amethyst can fade in sunlight.)

B) Sound – crystal skulls can be energized and activated by sound, such at Tibetan singing bowls, Tibetan bells/Tingshas, crystal bowls, etc. (but putting the crystal skull inside the bowl when playing is not recommended as the vibration can be too strong.)

C) Music – crystal skulls enjoy the sound of music, but be very selective because the crystals absorb the vibrations and energies of the music and the lyrics (Dr. Emoto did very powerful experiments demonstrating how different music affects water crystals)

D) Light – placing your crystal skull on a lightbox or with candlelight can activate your crystal skull’s energies. Crystal Skulls, especially clear quartz crystal skulls, look amazing when lit from underneath by a light box; if the light changes colors, it activates different energetic frequencies within the crystal skull.

E) Essences – you can use essences to activate and re-energize your crystal skulls; the AMAR Crystal Skull Essence was created from high-vibrational water from Medicine Lake in Mount Shasta and can activate the energy of AMAR in your crystal skull (and in you). The CANA IXIM Crystal Skull Essence was created with the sacred waters near an ancient Hawaiian temple, and can activate the healing energy of CANA IXIM in your crystal skull (as well as in you).

8) Why do people collect crystal skulls?

Different stones have different energetic properties and vibrate at different frequencies. Darker stones like obsidian vibrate at lower frequencies and are very good for grounding and protection. Lighter stones like amethyst vibrate at higher frequencies and help one connect with higher guidance and intuition.

All natural stones give and receive energies on different levels, and therefore support us and help us in different ways. Most stone colors correspond with different chakra colors, and support the energies of the corresponding chakra. A Crystal Skull Chakra Set contains 7 crystal skulls in different stones to balance, energize and support the energies of each of the chakras (energy centers of the body). For instance, blue sodalite supports the throat chakra and facilitates communication; amethyst supports the third eye and enhances intuition; rose quartz heals and opens the heart, promoting love and self-love.

Each crystal skull is completely unique, and each has its own energetic vibration and frequency. Different stones have different frequencies, like different notes on a keyboard, so the more crystal skulls you have, the more notes you can play with to create harmonic arrangements and powerful energetic matrixes.

One of the most powerful matrix energies you can work with is a circle of twelve crystal skulls. This creates an amazing vortex of energy that amplifies and energizes whatever is in the center of the circle. You can sit in the center of the 12 crystal skulls to deepen meditative states, increase your energy and vitality, and enhance healing on all levels. Place an intention (a photo, word, affirmation, vision board, etc.) in the center of the circle of 12 crystal skulls to magnify the powers of manifestation and laws of attraction.

When you place a circle of 12 quartz crystal skulls around any stone, you amplify the power of the stone in the center exponentially. A circle of 12 quartz crystal skulls can also cleanse, energize and activate any crystal skull placed in the center. Quartz crystal is a master stone – it energizes and enhances the properties of any other stone that is near it.

Some people are perfectly happy with one crystal skull, but crystal skulls are beings with consciousness that tend to want to attract companions to increase their power. When it comes to crystal skulls, two heads can definitely be better than one, and most crystal skull guardians will say: the more the merrier!

The power of a circular matrix of 12 crystal skulls with a 13th crystal skull in the center

9) What are the benefits of wearing crystal skull jewelry?

Wearing crystal skull jewelry lets you benefit from the power of crystal skulls by having them close to you at all times. Crystal skulls amplify the energetic properties of stones. Wearing crystal skulls can help raise your consciousness, increase your energy, raise your frequency and vibration, support you to experience greater peace, joy, calm and wellbeing, and attract prosperity on all levels. Wearing crystal skulls can also be very grounding and protective, and can increase your intuitive abilities.

Certain stones, like Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine or Blue Lace Agate are excellent when worn as a pendant because they support the throat and facilitate clear self-expression. They also promote intuition, knowing, peace and calm.

Wearing rose quartz near the heart helps to heal, open and protect the heart, while promoting self-love and self-acceptance, and also attracting and supporting love in all forms.

Wearing clear quartz amplifies your will and intention, increases your awareness and perception, promotes creativity and inspiration, and is an all-purpose healing stone.

Wearing garnet supports the blood and cardiovascular system, while also increasing passion and vitality. It can help to calm anxiety, and promotes self-confidence.

Wearing amethyst increases intuitive abilities and offers spiritual protection. It is also a powerful detoxifier, and can be helpful with issues of addiction.

Wearing ametrine promotes higher psychic awareness and spiritual enlightenment. It can help with alleviating depression, enhancing inner peace, and easing change and transition. It is highly protective and transmutes negative energies, bringing joy and abundance.

Wearing carnelian promotes self-esteem and creativity, improves memory and focus, assists with problem-solving, and helps attain goals and success.

Wearing tiger eye increases courage and confidence, enhances willpower and patience, and can bring luck.

We have the largest selection of crystal skull jewelry in the world, including crystal skull pendants in many different stones. We also have an extensive variety of crystal skull jewelry designed exclusively for us in silver and in leather. Experience how wearing crystal skulls can empower you, benefit you and support you at all times.

10) How can crystal skulls help and heal the Earth?

Crystal skulls are emerging at this time to help raise the consciousness of humanity. They are spreading around the world to assist and support the Earth itself as this planet is undergoing its own evolution and transformation. Crystal skulls can help raise the energetic vibration and frequency around them, and can raise the vibration of the Earth.

The Earth is crystalline in nature, as is the human body. Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals on Earth, making up 12% of the Earth’s crust. Crystals conduct electromagnetic energy, and this energy can energize and restore balance to the human body as well as to the planet itself. Your mind and your conscious intent can activate the crystal skulls and direct their energy with precision for healing and manifesting your will and intention, for yourself and for the Earth.

Crystal skulls serve several purposes around the world. They anchor a higher vibration to allow a new level of consciousness to raise the vibration of humanity. Crystal skulls are connected to each other and form a crystalline grid much like a cosmic Internet – they communicate with each other “wirelessly” and share energy and information. Crystals are like computers that store information, and are also receivers and transmitters of energy and information.

The crystal skull grid not only connects crystal skulls to one another, it also creates an energy field that surrounds the planet and helps to keep the Earth’s energy intact as it undergoes massive change and evolution. Crystal skulls are assisting the planet to raise its vibration and to become more light, thanks to crystal skull guardians around the globe.

Crystal skulls can also serve to relieve pressure in the Earth, much like an acupuncture needle, removing energy blockages and allowing the flow of balance and wellbeing to be restored. Crystal skulls can bring peace to all people, places and things that surround them. This is why people all over the world are guided to work with as many crystal skulls as possible, and to share them with others.

Crystal Skulls holding the light around the World in special activations www.CrystalSkulls.com


How are crystal skulls energized by AMAR, CANA IXIM, ET and SHA NA RA?

Each crystal skull has its own unique energy signature and vibration. Old and ancient crystal skulls contain powerful energies of healing, wisdom and higher frequencies that can be imprinted or “downloaded” into newer crystal skulls because crystal skulls absorb, share and transfer energy and information. Those who are highly sensitive can actually see and/or feel this energy transmission that occurs between the crystal skulls.

All of the crystal skulls from CrystalSkulls.com are energized with the Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR, and the Mayan Blue Jade Crystal Skull, CANA IXIM, unless they specifically state otherwise. Each crystal skull, from the smallest to the largest, is directly energized with AMAR and CANA IXIM at least twice: once when we first receive it, and then it is energized specially for you when you place your order. While crystal skulls await their new guardians, they commune with the energies of AMAR and CANA IXIM constantly in a crystal skull sanctuary, and are energized in special activation ceremonies.

AMAR (pronounced AH MAR) means “to love”. This 22-pound life-size Himalayan Quartz Crystal Skull came from a monastery in Tibet where Tibetan monks worked with it for centuries for healing and divination (around 2005, AMAR was rescued from the Chinese regime in Tibet by a High Lama after over 6,000 monasteries have been tragically destroyed in Tibet, and sacred artifacts confiscated or desecrated). AMAR holds energies of healing, love, and compassion, and infuses this powerful energy into crystal skulls.

CANA IXIM (pronounced KA-NA EESHEEM) means “Lady of the Corn”. To the Mayans, corn is life, and blue jade was more valued than gold. This Mayan Blue Jade Skull has rare Mayan glyphs carved in relief on the crown and third eye; it was used in ceremonies for abundance and fertility for the crops and for the people. CANA IXIM is powerfully healing, and profoundly affects women in particular.

Through an exclusive arrangement with the guardians of the Ancient Crystal Skulls ET and SHA NA RA, CrystalSkulls.com also offers a select group of crystal skulls that have been specially energized with the Ancient Crystal Skull SHA NA RA, or with the Ancient ET Crystal Skull Collection:

SHA NA RA is one of the few crystal skulls in the world that has been scientifically examined and proven to be truly ancient. It has the unusual distinction of having been discovered in an actual archeological dig in Mexico – thereby providing further credibility to its status as a truly ancient crystal skull. The guardian of SHA NA RA, Michele Nocerino, specially energized a select group of crystal skulls for us in a candlelit activation ceremony over many hours, during which each crystal skull directly touched SHA NA RA to receive its energies.

ANCIENT CRYSTAL SKULL “ET” is part of the famous crystal skull collection of Joky Van Dieten, along with 9 other significant large crystal skulls carved from different minerals. The “youngest” crystal skull in this collection was carved in 1926, which still makes it one of the oldest known crystal skulls in the world today. The remarkable crystal skulls in this collection have been exhibited in a museum in Europe, and in special exhibits in several countries. ET is one of a handful of crystal skulls in the world that has long been acknowledged as being truly ancient. It was found by a Mayan Family in 1906 while they were digging in their backyard in Guatemala. Mayan priests recognized ET as the lost Mayan skull that came from the Pleiades, and confirmed that Joky Van Dieten was its rightful guardian. A select group of crystal skulls was energized with the Ancient ET Crystal Skull Collection in a powerful activation ceremony, which took place overnight in a full size three-story-high pyramid under a rare blue moon.

The energies of AMAR and CANA IXIM (as well as the energies of SHA NA RA or ET) raise the frequencies of the crystal skulls that they energize; their energies are essentially woven into the energetic fabric of these energized crystal skulls. You can only “erase” these energies if you specifically intend to do so.


“I know the crystal skulls have come into my life to assist me on my own spiritual path as well as in helping others in my healing work. I work as a Reiki Master, Angel Intuitive and Shamanic Practitioner and have found many, many benefits in using my skulls in earth healing attunements, healing of clients in body, mind and spirit and connecting to the world of Spirit. They are wonderful teachers and healers and I feel truly blessed to be given these tools to work with and share with others in my life.“

“Although I have skulls from other sites your skulls have the most vibration. They give me goose bumps and fill me with love.”

“We have all discovered that each skull that arrives for each of us is indicative of our personalities. it is quite interesting to see. am ordering another soon. thanks again.”

“As always your company is the best and only choice for me to purchase my skulls as you seem to have left no stone unturned (pun intended) in the care and handling of these darling skulls.”

“Yes, I received my amazing crystal skull last week and I love it! I wear all the time and feel that it has surrounded me with good auras and positive energy’s. I am very happy that I got this skull.”

“When I recieved my “Little Helper” crystal skull it jumpstarted my road back to health. Ever since then, I keep my miniature crystal skull with me as much as possible and life for me is improving daily. Thank you,”

“I recently purchased a crystal skull from u guys and it changed my life around….I received it last nov. and I felt the bubble surrounding me, im a true believer”

More testimonials

Mayan Blue Jade Crystal Skull CANA IXIM www.CrystalSkulls.com


Bonus – Free Crystal Skull Meditation

The more we work with crystal skulls, the more they work with us and for us. We are offering access to a free meditation for working with your crystal skulls to heal the Earth. It is best if you can do this meditation in nature, with your crystal skull(s) directly on the earth, or on the ground. This meditation can be done any day, or every day, to help maintain balance on Earth and for your own wellbeing as well.

Listen to your free meditation: http://www.crystalskulls.com/crystal-skulls-earth.html

The Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR with 12 life-size crystal skulls from CrystalSkulls.com

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THE ART OF PAPER & PEN= The Teachings of Martha Beck


Martha Beck, PhD. is a writer, life coach and monthly columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine. She specializes in helping people design satisfying and meaningful life experiences. She holds a bachelor’s degree in East Asian studies and master’s and Ph.D. degrees in sociology, all from Harvard University. She worked as a research associate at Harvard Business School, Studying career paths and life-course changes in today’s economic and social environment. Before becoming a life coach, Beck taught sociology, social psychology, organizational behavior, business management, and career development at Harvard and at the American Graduate School for International Management.

I discovered Martha Beck by her monthly column in O, The Oprah Magazine. Recently, I studied with her by taking her online writing course called, Write into Light which was amazingly enlightening.


The First book I read was FINDING YOUR OWN NORTH STAR: claiming the life you were meant to live on Kindle. In this book, you’ll start by learning how to read the internal compasses already built into your brain and body — and why you may have spent your life ignoring signals. As you become reacquainted with your own deepest desires, you will identify and repair any unconscious wounds that may be blocking your progress.

This will change your life, but don’t worry – although every life is unique, major transformations have common elements and Beck provides a map that will guide you through your own life changes. You’ll learn how to navigate every stage, from the first flickering appearance of a new dream to the planning and implementation of your own ideal life.

Finding Your Own North Star offers thoroughly tested case studies, questionnaires, and exercises to help you articulate your core desires and act on them to build a more satisfying life.


STEERING by STARLIGHT: Find Your Right Life No Matter What! This book will make you laugh and change your life. Martha Beck’s work as a life coach has earned her accolades in outlets from National Public Radio to USA Today. More important, her trademark wisdom, empathy, and humor have changed thousands of lives, helping people who felt disconnected from their true sense of purpose to locate meaning in their lives and change.

Steering by Starlight reconnects readers with their authentic hopes, needs, and desires by bringing together cutting-edge research in psychiatry and neurology and offering powerful new methods for solving problems that beset every one of us.


FINDING YOUR WAY IN A WILD NEW WORLD: Reclaim Your True Nature to Create the Life You Want reveals a remarkable path to the most important discovery you can make: the knowledge of what you should be doing with your one wild and precious life. It’s the thing that so fulfills you that, if you knew what it was, you’d run straight toward it through brambles and fire. As a bestselling author, Martha Beck guides you to find out how you got to where you are now and what you should do next, with clear instructions on tapping into the deep, wordless knowledge you carry in your body and soul.

You probably have sensed that you have a higher calling and a quiet power that could change the world – you lack only the tools. With her sparkling prose, Beck draws from ancient wisdom and modern science to help you consciously tap into that power and develop those tools for transformation. You’ll also find your inner identity and your external “tribe” of like-minded people, experience the spark of inspiration, and take action to make a lasting impact on the world.


THE JOY DIET: 10 Daily Practices for a Happier Life offers a menu of ten behaviors you can add to your way of living and thinking to enhance every day’s journey through the unpredictable terrain of your existence. You can add these behaviors gradually and watch your life become steadily more vivid and satisfying. Or you can go on a “crash Joy Diet” to help you navigate life’s emergencies.

The ten menu items are:

  • NOTHING: Do nothing for 15 minutes a day. Stop mindlessly chasing goals and figure out which goals are worth going after.
  • TRUTH: Create a moment of truth to help you unmask what you’re hiding – from others and from yourself.
  • DESIRE: Identify, articulate, and explore at least one of your heart’s desires – and learn how to let yourself want what you want.
  • CREATIVITY: Learn six new ways to develop at least one new idea to help you obtain your heart’s desire.
  • RISK: Take one baby step toward reaching your goal. The only rule is it has to scare the pants off you.
  • TREATS: Give yourself a treat for every risk you take and two treats just because you’re you. No exceptions. No excuses.
  • PLAY: Take a moment to remember your real life’s work and differentiate it from the games you play to achieve it. Then play wholeheartedly.
  • LAUGHTER: Laugh at least thirty times a day. Props encouraged.
  • CONNECTION: Use your Joy Diet skills to interact with someone who matters to you.
  • FEASTING: Enjoy at least three square feasts a day, with or without food.


My personal favorite is, DIANA, HERSELF: An Allegory of Awakening (The Bewilderment Chronicles) (Volume 1) Maybe, once or twice in your life, you’ve experienced a surge of destiny so strong it made you believe in miracles. Such bolts from the blue seem to hit when weariness or ill fortune have plowed through the ground of reason, breaking it up so magic can take root. What follows is so perfect that to call it accidental defies belief.

Diana Archer is an absolutely-mathematically-average woman, living an unremarkable life when destiny reaches her. Without quite knowing how or why, she finds herself leaving everything familiar and moving into a world where miracles are commonplace, where her supposed flaws become her salvation, and where each person’s story is everyone’s.

As the first volume of the three-part “Bewilderment Chronicles” proceeds, Diana will undergo a transformation that will change her irrevocably, and just possibly save the world. Let the enchantment begin.


EXPECTING ADAM: A True Story of Birth, Rebirth, and Everyday Magic! From the moment Martha and her husband John accidentally conceived their second child, all hell broke loose. They were a couple obsessed with success. After years of matching IQs and test scores with less driven peers, they had two Harvard degrees apiece and were gunning for more. They’d plotted out a future in the most vaunted ivory tower of academie. But the dream had begun to disintegrate. Then, when their unborn son, Adam, was diagnosed with Down syndrome, doctors, advisers, and friends in the Harvard community warned them that if they decided to keep the baby, they would lose all hope of achieving their carefully crafted goals. Fortunately, that’s exactly what happened.

Expecting Adam is a poignant, challenging, and achingly funny chronicle of the extraordinary nine months of Martha’s pregnancy. By the time Adam was born, Martha and John were propelled into a world in which they were forced to redefine everything of value to them, put all their faith in miracles, and trust that they could fly without a net. And it worked.

Martha’s riveting, beautifully written memoir captures the abject terror and exhilarating freedom of facing impending parenthood, being forced to question one’s deepest beliefs, and rewriting life’s rules. It is an unforgettable celebration fo the everyday magic that connects human souls to one another.


In THE FOUR DAY WIN: End Your Diet War and Achieve Thinner Peace, Martha Beck reverses this trend and teaches dieters to get lean from the brain outward. Instead of becoming thinner caterpillars, those who follow The Four Day Win will metamorphose into butterflies, with entirely new bodies … for good.

Everyone knows how to lose weight: eat less, move more. But though they know what to do, millions of dieters don’t do what they know. Why not? Because they don’t understand the brain-body dynamics of weight loss. Now, cutting-edge research has revealed that millions of overweight dieters are programming themselves to get fatter. These unlucky individuals are following typical weight-loss programs and are being trained to become thinner versions of themselves, like caterpillars becoming thinner caterpillars.

In this book, Martha Beck observes that:

  • Traditional dieting relies on the ability to go numb or to override physical and emotional feelings.
  • Overeating is a self-calming compulsion similar to OCD-dieters turn to food (and lots of it) when they’re deprived of comfort.
  • Overweight people can reverse the brain-body programming that is making them fat. Instead of attacking their bodies, they can learn to support them.

By ending each chapter with psychological exercise, Dr. Beck helps her readers to think thin and end their compulsion to overeat. For those who aren’t patient enough to await the transformation that will inevitably follow, she also includes a Jump-Start weight-loss program that will help them shed pounds in the best way, both psychologically and physically.


THE MARTHA BECK COLLECTION: Essays for Creating Your Right Life is the best of Martha Beck’s Columns from O, The Oprah Magazine

Other books by Martha Beck are …

  • Leaving the Saints: How I lost the Mormons and Found My Faith
  • Breaking Point: Why Women Fall Apart and How They Can Recreate Their Lives

I have been on a deep journey of transformation through the magical words of authors/teachers like Martha Beck. If your life is not filled with joy, happiness, laughter, and abundance then please sit with this blog and my past blogs on other teachers to see which book can enlighten you to discover your truth and destiny. Whatever it is that haunts you, look within for the guidance and begin to change yourself.

Pray. Meditate. Journal.


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