Making Believers; Connect to the Light within… is a fictional/spiritual story about a mother and daughter that create and manifest in their lives unconditional love for one another. It is in the simple act of Amanda writing in her journal┬ádaily to release that which she did not understand in her life; whether through poems or heartfelt entries eventually becomes her passion. The written word at times read in a book or written from her own life experiences comforted her always.

Amanda loves her mom Gracie and spends years witnessing her in and out of mental institutions. This is Amanda ‘s version of what she is witness to.


Their faces the same,

As they look about!

They are in a room,

And can’t get out!

Their minds begin to shout!

No one listens.

No one hears.

There is sadness everywhere,

Then you see a tear.

They have nowhere to go,

Their world is so slow!

They only exist.

And never insist.


Positive belief for Amanda is what led her to transform her life and accept Gracie as she was labelled by society as a manic-depressant. Her life was entwined with Gracie’s and she saw no reason not to be there for her throughout the years. Amanda journal’s daily to release all that worries her in this life-experience as a daughter of an alcoholic, manic-depressant parent and a father that was mentally abusive as well.

Poetry released her fears and calmed her, which enabled her acceptance of all.

In Making Believers: Connect to the Light within… the following poem helped Amanda deal with the death and illness of her mom, Gracie.

I Don’t Know How to Say Goodbye

She comes into my dreams at night, a woman I loved all my life

Fear fill my mind, even though I know she is kind.

Sweat on my brow form the night, I awaken ready for a fight.

Confused and angry I cry for the need to understand, so I try.

To come to terms with her fate, the unknown is what I hate.

These nights are turbulent and long, tossing and turning I am no longer strong.

I pretend during the day to be all right!

Even though I know fear will come in the night.

A woman I loved all my life awaits the Angel of Death to appear.

I wonder is she is filled with fear.